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My Church


From when the first baptism took place of the 17th February, 1931, the daughter of Mr. Shoosmith, the font has been used for children and adults representing a wide spectrum of society. The fathers of children baptized have included, besides army personnel, a baronet, labourers, decorators, khansamas (cooks), shoemakers, doctors etc. An interesting baptism was when Edwin Joseph, a vehicle mechanic and his wife Dorothea had three of their children baptized on the same day, the 22nd November, 1953. The oldest baptism was that of Kenneth Nathaniel Maddens, a havildar; he was 43 years old and baptized on the 7th September, 1943.

Congregation is billingual, using both English and Hindi. Till 1976 there were separate services for the two language groups; but subsequently combined services became the order of the day.

The church has received outstanding visitors; perhaps the most memorable being the last Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten and Lady Mountbatten on Easter, 1947. The golden jubilee service was well attended - an overflowing attendance, in 1981. Besides confirming confirmation candidates, Bishops of Delhi have regularly officiated and preached in this parish church. The Remembrance Sunday Services attract armed forces personnel, irrespective of religion.

The Church compound is used by a church school of the same name as the church. The nave of the church is made available for the Montessori section with over 200 little children busy with their studies. Thus during the week-days the building is 'alive' and in service.