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The History of St. Martin's Church

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History has shown the base of Indian political and administrative power lies in Delhi. For the British, political and administrative power. In India began in Bengal in 1757, with the capital at Calcutta, notwithstanding that Bombay and Madras were older establishments. In 1911 the King-Emperor officially announced the transfer of the capital from Calcutta to Delhi. Then began the planning and building of a new imperial capital that would do justice for a super-power on whom " the sun never set". 20 years later, in 1931, New Delhi was officially inaugurated.

Until 1857 the East India company renewed its charter with the British Parliament every 20 years, and in the charter of 1813 provision was made for the establishment of ecclesiastical administration for the church of England and the Church of Scotland. The Rt. Rev. Thomas Fanshaw Middleton and the Rev. James Bryce sailed together and arrived in Calcutta where Middleton was enthroned in St John's Church as the first Bishop of Calcutta (2nd Dec. 1814) and Bryce built the first Presbyterian Church (St. Andrew's in 1818. Delhi Came under the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Calcutta till 1877, when the Diocese of Lahore was founded. And then in 1947 the Diocese of Delhi was founded. In 1970 six church denominations merged, after 40 years of negotiations, to form the Church of North India, including the Anglican tradition. This new church accepted the historic and constitutional recognition of bishops, and the Diocese of Delhi continues, with St. Martin's Church as one of its pastorates

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