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Indian (South) Cooking
David's Cookery
Fri, 2 Apr 2010
Indian and International Delicacy
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Topic: Indian (South) Cooking

DOSAI -South Indian Delicacy

This is a South Indian Delicacy and becomes INTERNATIONL. This is also a traditional and casual food in the parts of South India and eaten by all the levels of the society. This "Dosai" (itself a vegetarian food) is made in verities with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian kinds.


Dosai is eaten with Chutney (Coconut chutney, Onion & Chilly Chutney, Tomato Chutney, Pudina Chutney, Coriander-Leaf Chutney, etc.), Sambar, Dosai Powder, etc.

Non-veg. people normally prefer to eat dosai with spicy and watery Mutton Curry (gravy) and thick chutney.

All the most, it is eaten both simple and grand manner.


Vegetarian verities such as

·         Plain Dosai

·         Ghee Dosai

·         Cheese Dosai

·         Dosai with nuts

·         Onion Uthappam

·         Panneer Uthappam

·         Onion Tomato Uthappam and so on ….


Note:      "Uthappam"is nothing but the thickness of the dosai, which is thicker than the normal Dosai.

Non-Veg. verities such as

·         Mutton-Keema Dosai (spread of minced and cooked meat with spices)

·         Egg Dosai

·         Chicken Dosai (spread of cooked boneless chicken pieces with spices)

Ingredients for Dosai


q    Urad Dal 1/2 cup (White Dhall – Urad skin removed)

q    1 cup Brown Rice (Sela Chawal – it is called steamed or boiled rice)  and  
1 cup Ordinary Rice (Parmal Chawal)

Soak them in water in different containers for about 05-06 hrs.

·         First grind Urad Dall  using less water,

·         if possible stop the grinding in-between and stir    the Urad dal by hand or by a spoon and add little water  and continue grinding till it becomes plumpy and soft then pour it in a container.

·          Now, grind the soaked rice nicely, You can add LITTLE water in between the grinding.

·         Pour both, Urad  Dall and rice batter  in a container The container capacity may be of Four times of the quantity of the Grinded-batter-mix.

·         Add 03 TEA spoon full salt in the Grinded-batter and mix them well.

·         Wait for another 06 hours to prepare delicious DOSAI or IDLY. After 06 hours once the batter container is opened, a fermented smell comes out from the batter and confirms the readiness of the batter to make Dosai and Iddli.


For Masala


q     Potatoes 02, Onion 02, Tomatoes 01(Optional), green chilli 02(or Red Chilli), Salt one tea-spoon, Turmeric-powder (Haldi) one quarter of a tea-spoon.


Follow this process in slim fire, which is added to the taste in the gas-stove

·         Boil potato - cut them in small pieces and keep them separately.

·         Pour 02 tea-spoon oil in a frying pan, first add chillies, then, add Mustard (Sarson) of half tea-spoon, and then, add one tea-spoon broken-Urad-Dal in it (be watchful that  Urad-dall does not go black) then add the chopped onion.

·         Smash the potato with the spoon while stirring it.

·         Add 1/2 cup water (or less than 1/2 cup) and stir it.

·         Increase the fire and check the thickness of the preparation to your and taste and t


Dosai making

·         Heat the frying-pan or  a thick iron plate (preferable) in the stove in medium flame for few minutes, then bring it to slow flame.

·         Apply cooking-oil all over the frying-pan.(half cut onion or potato can be used to apply oil to save your fingers from the heat.

·         Apply the mixed-batter in the centre of the frying-pan with a large spoon and spread the batter slowly in a round pattern. Do not give pressure to the spoon, otherwise batter will stick to the spoon and the shape will be spoiled

·         Sprinkle oil with a spoon dipped in oil over the dosai to make it crisp.

·         Turn Dosai after seeing dry surface with a flat spoon. Again after one or two minutes turn and check for the crispy surface and serve it with likable chutney and enjoy eating Dosai.


Warning: The above method of preparation is the own experience of the author of this site and still he is enjoying the preparation. But, the author is not responsible for any adverse  results or any claim for adverse results of the above recipe. Kindly send your comment  to

Posted by davidmathiraj at 3:48 PM
Updated: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 5:15 PM
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