St. Martin's church - Delhi

With my spouse

My family - 2000

Three Brothers With Their Wives

My Family - 2002

Dear Mother - Chellathai John Samuel with Janetta

The Innocent Kids (once) - Jennifer & Janetta

Brooding on Trouble - Ms. Jennifer

Trouble - Once Together - Jennifer & Janetta

Innocent By Look - Janetta

Once Affectionate - Jenny's Birth Day

Men's Happy Moment At Trichy

Happy men without their spouses

Women's Gathering !!

Fortunately Smiling !!

Women's Dayout !!!

Dear Sister Retired From Her Service !!

Bidding Farewell To The Co-teachers

Once in a Blue Moon !!

Flying High !!!!

Dear Brother Enmozhi in his 20's

David Mathi Raj in his 20's

Dear Brother Elil Arasu in his 20's

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