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Sadhu John Dayal in the Lord's Vineyard

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John Dayal was 97 years old Sadhu (Saint) (when I finally met him), lived in Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi with abandoned street children. He was in military service as Lt. Col. before independence of sovereign India. After the independence, he had left the military service and committed himself to the Lord Jesus Christ. He had a vision to help street children. He took care of around 90 children below 15 years age group. He had arranged a Home for the children of above 15 years at Najafgarh and Jaipur. He has attached his service to Sadhu Sunder Singh Society and dedicated his life to the street children and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although he is no more - he is taken by our God, but the good work he has done by His grace continues.